Ali's sister Chelsey the day Quinn came home from the hospital
 Ali's Dad
 Quinn's Newborn Pictures (9 days after she was born)

 Quinn Loved Baths
 ...And Tummy Time

 Tim had the magic touch when it came to putting her to sleep
 Mother's Day 2012
 Ali's Mom with Quinn
 She adored her Dad
 Tim's Mom & Dad with Quinn and her cousin Harper who was just 3 months older than her


  1. So proud of you for being able to go in love after this tragedy. I can't think of anything worse to go through, and you've proven to everyone that with God's spirit and each other that we can all emerge as stronger persons. I hope you realize just how much respect I have for you both.

  2. I don't know if you have read the book "Heaven is For Real", but in that book a four year old little boy dies on an operating table and was revived four mins later...after his experience he explains in four-year-old terms that he went to heaven...met Jesus...met his grandfather that had passed away before he was even born...and he eventually talks about meeting his sister there...a sister that had died in his mother's womb. I tell you all of this so that you can rest assured that you precious little daughter is in Heaven with Jesus...she was adopted by God, Himself...and she will be there to greet you with more love than you can conceive. I can't begin to imagine what living with the loss of her is like for both of heart breaks and bleeds and cries and is so heavy just considering your pain and the longing you certainly feel for her. I am so sorry. But you will, indeed, see her will embrace her and live for eternities in the heavens knowing her love and she already knows yours! I pray God holds your hearts, like only He can. :) I love you both! Hugs and hugs

  3. Today I had an unexpected doctor appointment to go to. I was not prepared for the cost of the doctor visit. I discussed with the nurse to set up a payment plan, payed a portion of my bill, and then sat down in the waiting room. As I sat there I was already trying to figure out in my head how I was going to pay this unexpected doctor visit when the nurse calls me back to the reception desk. She then tells me "Happy Coincidence Day" and hands me over a receipt. I then said; "what does this mean"??? I had no idea about this day you had set up in remembrance of your baby girl Quinn. When it was explained to me by the nurses I was almost in tears and so very grateful for the gift. I have no idea who did it but I pray that God lets them know how appreciative I was. May GOD bless you & your dear family always.

  4. i honestly couldn't imagine i have a six month old and i couldn't be as strong as you both ... i seen this and had tears. she was a BEAUTIFUL little girl.. Sorry for your loss much love to the family R.I.P baby girl

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  6. You have made my heart sing with your strength. My husband and I are married nineteen years and had our first pregnancy last year. The pregnancy ended in miscarriage March 12, 2012. God has led me to your blog, and I am so inspired by it! Thank you for sharing your story. Through you writing I feel each step. Identity thief is a clever way of saying how I feel. There are so many days I would like to go back to who I was, but would not give up the wonder of those few months. May God continue to be with you and your husband and your family in your journey. God Bless