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We are Tim & Alison Terhorst. Tim is originally from Sioux Falls, SD and Ali is from Eagle Grove, Ia. We met at college. We both attended Northwestern College in Orange City, IA and loved it. We currently live in Sioux Falls, SD where Tim is a Server Administrator at Sanford and Ali teaches at Washington High School.


  1. What a beautiful tribute for your daughter..
    Here is something I like to share with the survivors.
    Each life is a Miracle that changes the World..
    and leaves it a Better place than it was before.
    Thank you for sharing your daughter.

  2. Rockin' Kids CenterMarch 12, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    Today while at the grocery store in Rock Valley IA as the girl who works at my daycare was going to pay for our grocies, a woman behind her asked to pay for them.
    Surprised she said okay and thank you. The woman handed her a slip of paper with an blog address on it.When she got back to the daycare and repeated the story we went to the blog site and read Quinn's story and your journey and we were all touched. At our job SIDS is our greatest fear! Today Quinn and her family will be in our prayers and thoughts. We now have an angel named Quinn up on our wall in our baby room who will watch over our babies. We have passed on the random act of kindness by giving a day of free daycare to one of our Moms in Quinn's name. Rockin'Kids Center

  3. Bless your beatiful hearts! I will do something extra special for your princess.
    Love Ryas Farrell
    Sioux Falls, SD

  4. I have a 5 month old baby boy and I am so touched by your story. I will definitely complete my random act of kindness today in honor of your baby girl. God bless you!

  5. How lucky your baby girl was to have such awesome parents as you!
    Today as you try your hardest to get thru the day just know that your not alone, you have people all over the world doing something nice today in rememberance of your "Precious Angel" as you remember we remember with you <3

  6. What an amazing way to honor your sweet daughter! Know that so many people have Quinn in there hearts today.

  7. Your words are an inspiration! I have felt the loss of a child and it's a loss that cannot be described nor can the grieving process that follows and still continues to this day. You give me hope that there is a reason to keep going. God bless your family and especially baby Quinn. She's an angel watching over your family just like my angels are watching over my family.

  8. This evening when I went to pay for my groceries at the Hyvee on South Minnesota in Sioux Falls, a young woman approached from behind me at the register and said "excuse me" and related Quinn's story to me. She then asked if she could pay for my groceries as a 'random act of Kindness'... I accepted and took the paper with Quinn's story on it. I was so touched. I felt God's hand ( or foot) touch me... I was having a bad day... feeling sorry for myself because some issues in my personal life...When this whole story sunk in, not only was I in tears, but so was the Hyvee cashier. It made me stop feeling sorry for me and Thank The Lord for my blessings.... 2 beautiful healthy children and 2 beautiful healthy grandchildren. Please know that Quinn touched me today and I am so Blessed. And yes, I am planning on passing on the Random act of Kindess along with Quinn's story. God Bless you both, what a beautiful thing to do to remember your beautiful daughter!!

  9. May God Bless Quinn's parents with the memories of their beautiful little girl.

  10. I was welcomed with cupcakes at my apartment from a member of the Turhorst family in cedar falls to celibate the life of Quinn. Random acts of kindness can go a long way. My heart goes out to the Turhorst family, may you find strength from your friends and family. God Bless.

  11. God bless you for your Act of Kindness. Please know that I will pass it on with Honor in Memory of your beautiful Quinn. She will always be remembered having touched so many hearts

  12. So many of us are touched by Quinn through this, even never having met her! She is so intimately connected with the Lord... a mirror of His image. Yesterday I paid for an elderly person's prescription at the pharmacy in honor of Quinncidence Day. The pharmacist immediately knew what I was talking about. May the Lord continue to hold you in His arms while you wait until you are reunited.

  13. Today at the drive-thru at a Starbucks in Des Moines, I pulled up to the window and was informed the car ahead of me had paid for my order in honor of Baby Quinn. I was touched and in turn paid for the woman behind me who I believe paid for the person behind her. Such a beautiful way to honor your beloved baby and touch the hearts of many who have lost the unbelievable spirit and kindness of humanity. love

  14. Today I went through Dunkin' Donuts in Queen Creek, AZ and they told me no charge and gave me this blog in remembrance of your baby girl. This is such a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Your story and Bible verses touched my heart. I know she was greatly loved and had 2 wonderful parents. This just helps remind us of how short our lives really are and how we all need to give thanks for all we have and who we have in our lives. What a blessing Quinn must have been for you. Only God knows how many lives have been touched by this lovely tribute. Thank you so much for sharing your story. In His Love.

  15. I love how your beautiful baby girl impacted so many lives last week. I read this blog post yesterday & immediately prayed that your family is continuing to feel blessed by QUINNcidence last week, and if not, know that you're not alone:

  16. HI This is such a beautiful thing you do, losing a child is the most horrible nightmare a parent can face. My husband and I lost our oldest child(a son 15 months old) and five years ago we lost our 18 year old daughter our six remaining children my husband and I along with our church fix food baskets, at Christmas and Thanksgiving to donate to needy families in our area. None of my children remember our little boy as he was our oldest, but they all remember their sister so our baskets are B-Bitts of love baskets to bring a smile during the holidays. B-Bitt used to tell me if people were sad it hurt her feelings, she always had a smile on her face and wanted others to smile too, so we are rebuilding our lives one smile at a time, by bringing smiles to others. God Bless you, and may God richly bless each and every person this little life touches

  17. Someone (I don't know who) brought surprise cupcakes for each of us (Yum!) & shared Quinn's story. I hurt for your loss, and pray for you to get through this day, and the days to come as well. God bless you, and thank you Quinn & Parents for the kind, remember-what's-important start to my day.

  18. Today, I was blessed by someone celebrating Quinn's birthday. They bought my coffee at the Starbucks drive thru. I had to look up your website and read your story, which broke my heart. You see, my first grandson was born the day your little Quinn was... March 12,2012. ... talk about a "Quinncidence". I know that you will see your little one again someday. God Bless you all!

  19. I manage a retirement community filled with senior citizens in Sioux Falls. Today, a wonderful group of students from Washington High School came over and explained to me "Quinncidence Day" and stated that they would like to do some random acts of kindness for our residents. They had made lots of possitive, inspirational signs to hang up throughout the building as well as many little pillows that they had made to distribute to the residents. This was awesome! The residents loved it & there were many smiles worn throughout the building today. My heart truly hurts after reading your story and looking at the pictures of your absolutely beautiful daughter. The strength that you have shown in order to create something so wonderful from something so tragic is amazing and very inspirational. Thank you. Happy Birthday Quinn!

  20. Thanks for a story that blessed our whole family. Someone also bought my husband coffee this day, while he was on duty to serve and protect this day. He plans to pass the blessing on later this week. Quinn is touching many this month. Thanks for helping to bring PEACE to a world that really needs it. Happy Birthday Quinn!
    (The smile I saw in your picture today is a little bit of heaven!)

  21. On Quinn's birthday, a friend surprised me with a wonderful loaf of bread and told me it was for Quinncidence Day. She then gave me your blog address and explained what the day was all about. What she didn't know was that only the day before, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My friend and I were able to laugh at the coincidence and cry at the diagnosis. Thank you for starting such a wonderful tradition. I will carry it on in honor of Quinn and you both. May God continue to pad the hurt hole left by Quinn's absence. May your grief be less and less crippling and may you find many ways to serve out of your pain.

  22. Thanks for your kindness donnuts showed at our place of work when asking service manager who brought them he showed attached note how kind of you Thanks alot I hope God continues to give you healing in your loss. Dennis Hoekstra-- Mouw Motor Co. Sioux Center IA
    PS my moms maiden name was Ter Horst also she lived in Alton and Ireton Ia

  23. Hi Tim and Alison,

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  25. In Jackson Minnesota at a 12's volleyball tournament there was a team from Sioux Falls that gave every team a bag of candy and a note with Act Spread Joy Share Quinn's Light. My team had questions and I had explained to them what this was all about. Our teams were very thankful and excited to Share Quinn's Light also. Thank you for sharing your story!

    CPAC Volleyball Teams